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Paul Revere

Today we do this out of foolishness, tomorrow you will do it out of wisdom

Paul ReverePosition: Pastor of Embassy of Heaven Church

Interests: Seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven. He also enjoys backpacking, astronomy and playing the keyboard and guitar.

Outlook: The Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21). It is God's government ruling your heart and mind. Inside you is a law that governs your actions. Either you are governed by Satan or you are governed by Christ. Who has laid claim on you here and now? Who owns you? Whom do you fear? Whom do you obey? If you haven't found the Kingdom of God here and now, you will never find it in the hereafter.

Family: Married to Rachel since 1971 and has two grown daughters, Brooke and Skye.

Quote: If you are close to things, you are far from the Kingdom. The love of things keeps you far from the Kingdom. It is desire for these other things, which is idolatry. We should be thankful for whatever God provides, just like the birds.